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2013 Sáo Paulo/NYC Urban Challenges Workshop

This report is the culmination of a rich exchahgen between Pratt PSPD graduate-level students and various non-governmental organizations in Sáo Paulo, Brazil. Prior to the trip Pratt students surveyed housing developments in East new York and the Lower East Side, interviewing profssionals in the field of homelessness and affordable housing. Students then had the oppurtunity to take comprehensive tours of similar housing developments in Sáo Paulo, while sharing and exchaning ideas with working professionals to reduce homelessness and produce long-term affordable housing in Sáo Paulo and NYC. 



Tokyo Planning and Urbanism Course 2013

From May 23 through June 9, students of Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture are traveling in Japan and conducting research on public space and historic preservation.  Professor Jonathan Martin, Ph.D. of Pratt’s City and Regional Planning department, is leading the course; his curriculum focuses on the urban design and architecture of Tokyo.  While the majority of the students are city planning graduate students, the course has also enrolled historic preservation graduate students, urban environmental systems management graduate students, and undergraduate architecture students.

Read more about their travels here on the course blog.