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‘House of Green’ Exhibit at Urban Future Lab

9.22.14:  Pratt Institute PSPD Green Infrastructure Fellows attended the Opening of the ‘House of Green’ Exhibit at Urban Future Lab (the NY center for the cleantech community.  The House of Green showcases green Danish technology encompassing energy, water, climate and the environment; and marks a partnership between NYC and Copenhagen to solve these issues of urban development, sustainability, resiliency and climate change. 

Green Infrastructure Fellows were in attendance to join the conversation on green technologies, especially as Pratt constructs a Green Roof and retrofits a Permeable Pavement Lot on campus this semester. 

NYC Cleantech Opportunities is a forum for entrepreneurs, investors, industry insiders, and others involved in the renewable energy industry.  Danish Royalty, Copenhagen City Officials, and Bjarke Ingels of BIG were in attendance.

Grand Opening of House of Green in NYC! 

Brooklyn Biogas Workshop

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Interested in Anerobic Digestion?

Then Be Sure to Check Out the

Brooklyn Biogas Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday April 26 (9-5) & Sunday April 27 (9-3)


Holstee Work/Shop, 98 4th St, #106, Brooklyn, NY 11231


Biogas is “the original natural gas”. Put together materials similar to those used in making a compost pile, keep the stuff warm, wet, and away from the air, and bingo: a burnable gas is produced. Use it anywhere you might use fossil natural gas, but without the fracking.

On the weekend of April 26th-27th, in Brooklyn NY, David House, the author of The Complete Biogas Handbook (referred to by some as “the bible of biogas”), will be offering a biogas workshop. The first day of the workshop offers complete information about how to understand, successfully make and properly use biogas. David will show you examples of and provide plans you can use to make any of the four most common types of small scale biogas digesters (the sealed containers used to make biogas).

New laws and a changing approach to the environment in NYC (see information below) will mean that more of those who generate the kind of waste useful to make biogas— food waste from restaurants, for example— will need to be prepared to make changes. What if you knew how to build a digester and generate biogas from that food waste? David will show you the example of a small resturant in Oregon where, from food they are presently throwing away, they could generate perhaps 18,000 cubic feet of biogas every month!.

The second day will be mostly hands-on, but first you will learn the astonishing benefits of biogas, worldwide. Then those who have purchased a $30 kit will build their very own (it’s-yours-so-take-it-home) core for a very low-cost biogas digester. (If these digester cores are kept warm and well fed, they can produce enough gas for a family of 2 or 3 to cook all their meals, but the kits do not include insulation, a gas storage unit, stoves or other appliances.) Everyone who attends will get a copy of the Complete Biogas Handbook, and a CD containing the world’s best free information on biogas. Zero to biogas in two days!

Finally, at this workshop, a new, inexpensive, well insulated, 2 cubic meter digester design will be shown, and every participant will be given plans showing how to build it from widely available low-cost materiasl: a $175 value! (Kits will also be available.)

For further details or to sign up, please visit the complete biogas web site, at (Or if you wish, you can sign up by using the buttons, just below.)

Cost: $215 for two days, going from zero to biogas. Do you think that's too much? Well, here’s the thing. We are offering a satisfaction guarentee. If you're not satisfied that everything we have given you and that you are learning are worth the cost, then simply return all items to us by lunchtime on the first day, and we will refund your money.

Use this button to register and pay for the two-day workshop!


Use this button to buy a digester core kit (limit 20 for the whole workshop!)

Meet Pratt’s Spring 2014 Green Infrastructure Fellows

Meet our Spring 2014 Green Infrastructure Fellows here!

Opportunity for Spring GI Fellowships!

Interested in becoming a GI Fellow for the Spring 2014 semester? 

Then apply by sending your resume and a letter of intent to by November 22nd!

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Alumni & Student Mixer!

LEAP is excited to announce that they will be holding a UESM alumni and current student mixer this Friday, Oct 25th in HHN room 406 at 6pm. This event will be a fun way to become introduced to the variety of career paths that UESM alumni have followed. There will be a brief 'panel' where a select handful of alums will share their path through and beyond Pratt, with most of the evening being dedicated to casual Q&A, networking, and mingling. 

All current student and UESM alumni are welcome! Light food and drink will be provided!


Pratt PSPD Beach Clean Up 2013: A Success!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Pratt PSPD’s Annual Beach Clean-up Day.  The beach clean-up was part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day sponsored by the American Littoral Society and the Ocean Conservancy.

Beach clean up 1

The data collected will be analyzed by the American Littoral Society and the Ocean Conservancy to evaluate current pollution abatement programs, address the sources of the debris, and establish policies to better manage the source of the pollution, as well as to protect the health of humans and marine life. 


Guest Lecture by Local Office Landscape Architecture!

Join us for a guest lecture from Walter Meyer & Jennifer Bolstad from Local Office Landscape Architecture!

When: Wednesday, October 16th 3-5pm

Where: Higgins Hall Room 406 

To RSVP send an email to

Local Office Landscape Architecture copy

UESM presents GI Workshops at Maker Faire 2013

Last weekend thousands of techies, DIY enthusiasts, tinkerers and inventors presented their most recent projects at the 2013 New York Maker Faire. Outdoor spaces surrounding the Hall of Science at Flushing Meadows were filled with 3D printers, robots, arduino systems and modeling tool prototypes.

UESM faculty member Evren Uzer and and Green Infrastructure Fellows Wen Kai Kuo and Marcel Negret participated in the educational pavilion sharing their experiences about the Green Infrastructure (G.I.) workshop series. Since 2012 PSPD has been developing Design and Technology workshops aimed at making the many benefits of G.I. visible.  At the Faire, teachers, gardeners, students and curious folks were quite interested in educational opportunities that DIY projects offer for sustainable initiatives. Most visitors expressed particular interest in the first and second series, Garden Gadgets and DIY Aerial Imaging and Mapknitting, which is quite comprehensible due to the nature of the fair.

Possible collaborations for implementing open source Internet based irrigation timers on Pratt’s green infrastructure projects were also discussed. Systems we are interested in checking out include Open Sprinkler at: and Cultivar at

For more detailed information on the Workshop series please visit:



Upcoming PSPD Events from LEAP!

|Fri. SEPTEMBER 20| Urban Green Council’s Sustainability Graduate Mixer

UESM will represent Pratt at the event. Hello networking!

RSVP here Please reply to this email if you’d like to go, as we can arrange to travel together!

UGC Graduate mixer

|NOVEMBER 20-22| Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

HUGE Opportunity! So close, so exciting, so much potential! Check out more info here

Please reply if you are at all interested! We hope to send as many students as possible for free…the sooner we get a ballpark # of interested student, the sooner we can apply for funding!

Green build-1

Info on our first LEAP meeting will be coming soon. Feel open to contact us if you have any questions/ ideas/ thoughts etc.!


Please also follow us on facebook

Spring 2013 GI Fellows

Meet our spring 2013 Green Infrastructure fellows here!

Sponsored by the Urban Environmental Systems Management program, and linked to the 2012 NYC Department of Environmental Protection Green Infrastructure Grant award, these fellowships are a semester long and focus on maintenance, monitoring, research and outreach regarding our funded GI projects.  Students will have the opportunity to work with UESM faculty, GI contractors and the Institute’s facilities department. To become a GI fellow, send a letter of intent and resume to UESM Coordinator Jaime Stein,