We are a community of PSPD students, faculty, and staff working for more just and equitable cities through the deeper integration and understanding of diversity issues in urban planning–both in the PSPD curriculum/community and sustainable development professions. Planners in the urban development field often do not reflect the diversity of people nor complex realities in neighborhoods that they serve, presenting implications for historically marginalized communities. We recognize the importance of both reversing this trend and personal deepening reflection on diversity, privilege, and power as a necessary means to dismantling systemic inequalities bounded in the urban fabric.


We acknowledge the relevance of Diversity as an issue that addresses respect, understanding, and inclusion of all people, especially marginalized groups, regardless of Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality, Ability, Age, Religion, and Culture.

We seek to provide a forum for students to cultivate a more vibrant, inclusive, and culturally humble community of professionals through collective initiatives in recruitment, curriculum development, trainings, events, and group activities.


  • Recruitment of a more engaged and diverse body of students, providing opportunities and support for prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds.

  • Curriculum Development for a deeper integration of ideas and skills necessary to effectively engage diverse communities and enable more equitable cities.

  • Campus Climate shaping through trainings, workshops, film screenings, and other activities to facilitate discussion and celebration of diversity and planning.


DIG meets on a monthly basis, as well as organizes a group event open to the public each month during the school year and occasional summers. To find out about up coming meetings and events hosted by DIG, please visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/canyoudigitpspd


Navigating Dominant Space Q&A

Q&A session with hot chocolate and Kellie Terry, Executive Director of THE POINT on her experience as an activist, mother, woman of color, and urban planner, November 2014

navigating dominant space

Cultural Competency Training

Orientation workshop led by alum Daniel Lim on diversity and cultural competency in urban planning, September 2014

DIG Workshop

DiverCITY Unconference

DiverCITY Unconference, bringing together students, faculty, residents, and non-profits to explore how to make NYC an inclusive place?, March 2014

DIG Divercity Conference

Diversity Inquiries Bar Night

Bar Night at Fulton Grand hosted by DIG and PIPSA, when students were asked why diversity was important, November 2013

DIG Bar Night


Led by graduate students of PSPD, DIG was officially established in the Fall of 2013, but was the product of several years of student-driven initiatives around supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds. Previously known as the Diversity Working Group, DIG has evolved to be an initiatives-driven group with a mission towards improving our ability to serve diverse communities. DIG hopes collaborate with other institutions and organizations throughout the profession on deeply incorporating diversity education in urban planning, especially in the 21st Century and beyond.


To find out more about DIG and learn how to get involved, email us, check out facebook page, or follow us on Twitter!

Email: diversitypspd@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canyoudigitpspd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrattDIG