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PRATT DISASTER RESILIENCE NETWORK was created by students of the Pratt Institute in New York City in response to the disconnect between affected communities and people who need and can give help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


Community groups are prepared to respond and provide relief when disasters happen.


PDRN will advance community-based disaster resilience through education, communication, awareness and capacity building for community groups.


  • To connect talent and enthusiasm in the Pratt community (students, faculty, admin, alumni) to the needs of community organizations in preparing for and responding to disaster events
  • To assist in meeting immediate survivor needs through donations and volunteering (short term)
  • To fill the communications gap, creating a network between existing community organizations
  • To learn from community organizations the needs of each community in disaster response and resilience.
  • To prepare individual community organizations for emergency response.
  • To form a comprehensive community-based disaster response network.
  • To devise, with the input of community organizations, policies for establishing and funding best practices for community-based and city-wide emergency response and community resilience.
  • To further education opportunities in regards to disaster planning and climate resiliency


The Communications Committee provides efficient communication between PDRN, its member communities, organizations and individuals, ranging from immediate responsiveness during a disaster to dissemination of crucial policy documents to the general public.

The Donations & Volunteering Committee provides support to existing organizations in the acquisition and delivery of support to disaster survivors through donations and volunteering.

The Capacity Committee provides an opportunity for collection and dissemination of information from the community itself, working to improve the capacity of each organization to form resilient neighborhoods with an educated and ready population.

The Policy Committee provides and synthesizes disaster relief, recovery, and resilience information to inform member organizations and other committees, and analyzes this information to create policy recommendations towards an equitable and resilient group of communities.

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