“Resilience is the curriculum of the 21st Century.” 
Donald Watson, 2/14/2013

"We must address the challenges posed by climate change in away that also address the social, economic and environmental injustices that have plagued too many of our people and that have led to polices that have destroyed neighborhoods and jeopardized the well being of us all." 
Ron Shiffman 3/6/2013

Program Description
In order to address these needs, Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development (PSPD) has initiated the development of a suite of studios, classes, and workshops to begin in the summer of 2013, called the “Recovery, Adaptation, Mitigation and Planning [RAMP]” program. At its core, the RAMP studios will serve matriculated students of architecture, planning, reservation, and environmental management at Pratt, as well as students from other accredited planning and architectural programs interested in getting credit for participating in these classes. Because these emergent issues are of extreme importance to professionals in these fields, RAMP will also open courses and workshops to practitioners, in many cases for continuing maintenance credits.


[RAMP – Program and Courses Descriptions]

For more information Email RAMP.Pratt@gmail.com