Spring 2014 GI Fellows


Trang Dong is currently a second year Environmental Sustainability System Management student. Trang received her Bachelor in Architecture in Beijing, and grew up in Hanoi, one of the most rapidly urbanizing areas in Asia. She has become passionate about innovation design that brings more efficient change and greater social impacts through interweaving cultural exchange, human potential and fresh perspective.  


Gina Kosty studied Art, Photography, and Theater Design as an undergraduate at UCLA. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Urban Environmental Systems Management at Pratt Institute. Having a professional background in public engagement with the arts, Green Infrastructure education and community outreach is an integral factor of her work as a fellow to empower citizens to be environmental stewards and advocates for their communities


Jose Valdes, originally from Mexico City, earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Texas in Austin, where he resided for 5 years. Now pursuing a Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute, Jose is interested in finding an intersection between urbanism and design through Green Infrastructure interventions, sensible architecture, and sustainable urban planning.