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Historic Preservation Students Explore Boston

On February 15th 2013, ten PHPO students traveled via bus up to Boston for a weekend of historic architectural adventure. After an evening of exploring the historic pubs of the redcoats, the group reconvened in morning and received a private walking tour of Boston's wonderful architecture along with great stories of the past.They enjoyed lunch at the famous Faneuil Hall, and then it was off to the highlight of the trip, King's Chapel. The group received a private tour of the crypts located underneath the church and were brought all the way to the bell tower where they got a chance to try and ring the huge bell (made by Paul Revere's family)! Side trips to Paul Revere's home, multiple cemeteries, The Old North Church and many others were made. Where will history bring them next??






















Text and Photos by Holly Hughes




A Trip Through Time – Historic Preservation Students Explore Rome



In the spring of 2013, under the supervision of Professor Anne Hrychuk (PR 643B-01), second year Historic Preservation students traveled to Rome, Italy to learn how a city could preserve it’s more than two thousand and a half year old history and develop to become what it is today.

We arrived in Rome to a wonderfully sunny Sunday. The easygoing vibe of this day rubbed off on us and invited us to explore the neighborhood of Trastevere, which is situated across the Tiber River from the rest of the old city. These five days were going to be a chronological journey through time.



On the left. the three standing columns are the Temple of Apollo Sosianus. On the background. right side with the bells, the Santa Maria in Campitelli. We are in the "Field of Mars". Photo by Meric Ugdul.