Sustainable Environmental Systems

Sustainable Environmental Systems M.S.

Pratt’s graduate degree in sustainability, Sustainable Environmental Systems, provides an excellent practice-based education for professionals. 
Our curriculum, which is focused on the integration of environmental science, policy and design covers:

–    Integrated urban systems designs for water, energy and solid waste
–    Sustainable community development
–    Environmental & Social Justice
–    Inter- and trans-disciplinary study

In our climate challenged future, urban systems require an integrative approach that balances environmental, economic and social impacts.  At Pratt, our approach to sustainability is trans-disciplinary.  Our faculty and students represent a wealth of disciplines and they truly believe that solutions to complex urban issues can only be developed through many points of view.  As part of the graduate School of Architecture, we are immersed in one of the Nation’s top art & design schools.   At Pratt you will study environmental sustainability with artists, designers, architects, planners, preservationists and managers. We place particular importance on the development of critical analysis, systems thinking, oral presentation and writing skills.



Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development
Higgins Hall, Room 206
61 St. James Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Jaime Stein
Coordinator, Sustainable Environmental Systems
Phone: 718-399-4323

Adia Ware, Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 718-399-4340