Cannoneer Court Parking Lot Retrofit

Rather than reconnect an earlier failed permeable parking lot to the City’s combined sewer system, we propose to retrofit the 100 parking space lot with bioswales, trench drains and plantings to retain and detain stormwater. We will monitor the effectiveness of this innovative solution to serve as a model for parking lot designs citywide.

UESM Professor and Director of the Gaia, Paul Mankiewicz will lead this build. The Gaia Institute's work couples ecological engineering and restoration with the integration of human communities in natural systems. The purpose of the Gaia Institute is to test through demonstration the means by which the ecological components of backyards, communities,towns and cities, as well as watersheds and estuaries, can be enhanced through integrated wastes-into-resources technologies.

Monitoring data from the bioswales will be collected continuously and in real time. Data will be transmitted to a central database as well as the Institute’s Facilities Dept. web page.

Performance Metrics
36,000 sq ft Vegetation
66,000 Gallons Captured
Completion date: July 2013