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Green Infrastructure Design & Technology Workshop Series






The goal of the Design & Technology Workshops is to bring awareness to the Green Infrastructure projects at Pratt. Each workshop will relate and contribute to the grant work associated with funds received from the DEP Green Infrastructure grant in Spring 2012. We aim to ensure that all members of the Pratt community have an opportunity to learn of these exciting projects and understand their benefits.  We hope to continue our tradition of education through innovation, technology and the arts while we turn our lens on making visible the benefits of Green Infrastructure.


Workshop 1

Monday, September 24th 2012
Garden Gadgets                         

Led by Interaction Designer David Cuartielles, the Garden Gadgets workshop aquainted students with using programmable technological devices to monitor and represent data in green areas.

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Read the Garden Gadgets Workshop Booklet

This booklet documents the outcomes of the first of six Design & Technology Workshops complementing the NYC DEP Green Infrastructure Grant Projects at Pratt Institute.  Our Garden Gadgets workshop was led by David Cuartielles and facilitated by Evren Uzer and Andreas Theodoridis.

Workshop 2

Thursday, October 25th 2012
DIY Aerial Imaging and Mapknitting

Led by Liz Barry, the DIY Aerial Imaging and Mapknitting workshop allowed attendees to create their own aerial mapping rig by imaging a public area in the city and reporting the results.

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See our field results from the Public Library Online Templates
Read the DIY Aerial Imaging and Mapknitting Booklet


Workshop 3

Friday, March 22nd 2013
Vagabond Vermicomposting Workshop

Led by Kate Zidar, the Vagabond Vermicomposting Workshop will demonstrate the nuts and bolts of creating a worm bin for small-scale indoor composting, the biology behind the process, and best practices for operating a happy vermicompost system.

Workshop participants will be tracking their data for 10 weeks following the event.

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 Workshop 4

Monday , April 22nd 2013FINAL-composting@work-04102013
Institutional Composting Systems

Composting @ work will host a selection of speakers to discuss their institutional composting experience while covering a wide range of topics such us program,  technology, technical and maintenance challenges, funding opportunities and legal constraints.

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Workshop 5 

Thursday, June 6th 2013577-724x1024
Accumulating Annuals

This is a public workshop on contamination of urban soil and how certain plants are removing some of these contaminants by accumulation aka phytoremediation*. Workshop will be facilitated by Kaja Kuhl, the founder of youarethecity, a research, design and planning practice focused on creating dialogue about the urban environment. Laura Senkevitch –  a Pratt UESM graduate – will also be presenting.

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Workshop 6

Coming soon in summer 2013
Data Visualization